Information for Participants

 In 2018 Altai Krai will become a centre and organiser of a global event. This August the region will be visited by world-class experts from the velvet antler industry to take part in the 7th World Deer Congress 2018.

The aim of the event is to present new technologies and trends in the velvet antler industry, the processing of raw materials from deer velvet antler and to discuss the concepts of further development of this sub-industry.

 It is expected that the congress will be attended by delegations from Russia, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, China, Korea, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Sweden and other countries. The congress is held once every 4 years and serves as a platform for industry experts to interact and to exchange experience.

It is no coincidence that such a large-scale event takes place in Altai Krai. The region is the second largest constituent entity of the country in terms of the number of deer and red deer livestock. There are currently 24 agricultural enterprises of all forms of ownership in the region that are engaged in the velvet antler industry. The total number of red deer and spotted deer is more than 24,000. They are raised in six municipal districts of Altai Krai; 83% of all farms are located in three of these districts: Altaisky, Soloneshensky and Charyshsky Districts.

This sub-industry is important for Altai Krai as it contributes to the development of hard-to-reach highland areas, and its velvet antler products create a brand. These economic activities have become a foundation for social stability in highland settlements.

The velvet antler industry is centred around the production of velvet antlers, the industry’s main product. Eight to ten tonnes of preserved velvet antlers are produced every year. Ten tons of preserved velvet antlers were produced in 2016.

The National Research Institute of the Velvet Antler Industry was established to promote the development of the velvet antler industry in the region. This is the only such institution in the country and is currently incorporated in the Federal Altai Research Centre for Agrobiotechnologies Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution. The research complex in Altai Krai provides full scientific support for the velvet antler industry.