Place of realization

About the Resort Town of Belokurikha

Geography, climate and weather

О Белокурихе

In the south east of Altai Krai, framed by the magnificent granite peaks of the mountains of the Cherginsky Ridge, in the valley of the crystal-clear Belokurikha river, sits this famous Russian resort town. The belief that the wild corners of Altai Krai cannot compete with the Black Sea resorts in terms of the number of warm, sunny days during the year is a misconception. Belokurikha is gently hidden in the mountains and its climate is much milder than....

History of Belokurikha Resort

История Белокурихи

According to historical findings, the hot springs in Belokurikha region were first discovered in the early 19th century, to be more exact – in 1803, when the first inhabitants of this area laid the foundation of the village with the same name. The healing properties of the hot springs were discovered by accident, allegedly by one of the first villagers of Novo-Belokurikha K. I. Zyryanov: a small spring came out from underground on his land. Later, many other villagers noticed that bathing in the warm lake was like a magic remedy...

Therapeutic Factors of Belokurikha Resort

Лечебные факторы Белокурихи

Tourists are drawn to Belokurikha Resort by the impressive combination of favourable weather, socio-cultural and geographical conditions, as well as by its ski slopes covered with snow in winter, or the crystal clear waters and mountain air rich in radicals. They are also drawn by the therapeutic factors that are in abundance here. The resort is known well beyond Russia’s borders; you will not find anything comparable to the healing properties of these springs abroad. This is supported by the opinions of reputable foreign experts who have been to Belokurikha...

Treatments Offered in Belokurikha

Лечение в Белокурихе

Life in the big city moves at such a fast pace that people find themselves thinking more and more about their health. They want to escape to nature, to a tranquil and serene atmosphere, where their bodies will enjoy a rest, balanced nutrition, and a complex of therapeutic actions. Many people know that Belokurikha resort town offers its visitors a professional approach to healthcare; however, not many can describe the fundamentals that are used for treatment or the scientific basis for the resort’s healthcare service.

Belokurikha: Ski Resort

Горнолыжный курорт Белокуриха

All modern resorts require a well-developed infrastructure, in other words, a social environment. Belokurikha is no exception. The town’s ski resort meets all modern requirements regarding safety, convenience and leisure activities. This is why Belokurikha is considered one of the best resorts, not only in Siberia, but in the whole of Russia. The quality of the resort’s pistes is proved by the fact that professional sports competitions are held here with surprising frequency.