History of International Events

The first international symposia on the velvet antler industry were hosted by universities in New Zealand (1994) and Canada (1996). Scientists from New Zealand, Canada and South Korea shared their findings on the biology of deer with velvet antlers, their management and feeding, as well as disease diagnostics and prevention.

The 3rd International Symposium on Livestock Management Technologies and Processing Raw Materials from Velvet Antler Deer was held in Canada in 2000. The event welcomed over 300 delegates from 14 countries (New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, USA, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, Greenland, Japan, Nigeria, France, Russia, Australia and the Czech Republic). The participants discussed a large volume of information published by various international research centres, which demonstrated that deer velvet antlers are environmentally safe products that can be used for the prevention and treatment of a broad range of human diseases. The symposium included five round-table sessions: Velvet Antler Deer Biology; Biochemical and Biological Properties of Velvet Antlers; Harvesting and Processing of Velvet Antlers; Clinical Studies of Velvet Antlers; and Marketing Velvet Antler Products.

The symposium was held to bring together scientists, agricultural producers, processors of agricultural products and government officials to resolve issues related to deer management and breeding and the sale of velvet antler products. The research carried out by foreign scientists showed the high biological potential of deer antlers and their applicability to treating various conditions in humans and animals. Issues regarding the pain-free cutting of velvet antlers and artificial insemination of deer were raised for the first time. Russian scientists, who took part in this symposium for the first time, presented the results of a clinical trial of a product made from red deer blood (pantohematogen).

The 4th International Congress was held in New Zealand (2004), and the 5th took place in China (2010). One of the areas of focus at these congresses was the necessity to unite specialists interested in further research on deer with velvet antlers and the application of modern methods of breeding, management of the genetic potential of these animals and support for their health and welfare. In addition, new clinical data related to the properties of velvet antlers, various biological substances and products based on them when used as restorative, stimulating, and regenerating non-medicinal products was widely presented. The event’s participants discussed ways to enhance the promotion of velvet antler products in the media and the internet.

The 6th World Congress of the Velvet Antler Industry was held in Kazakhstan in 2014. The participants of the congress came from 17 different countries. The agenda identified the problems and prospects of the development of the velvet antler industry in Kazakhstan, Russia, Canada, Sweden and other countries, and covered issues related to legislative control of the industry in different countries. The speakers presented information on artificial insemination of deer and experiments on embryo transfer. One of the key decisions taken at the congress was to establish the International Coordination Council of Reindeer Herders (ICCRH). The work of the ICCRH, based on the exchange of innovation technologies, experience and experts, will make it possible to raise this sub-industry to a new level, improve its profitability and secure additional investment.

The main task of the symposia and congresses is to boost activities related to establishing processing plants and using velvet antler products in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetology, health resort therapy and in other segments, as well as to develop new technologies for advanced processing of raw materials from deer velvet antler, diversification of velvet antler products, manufacturing of marketable products, and expanding the sales market. The 7th World Reindeer Herders Congress will be held in Russia in Altai Krai. This decision was taken by the International Coordination Council of Reindeer Herders at the 6th World Congress, as Altai Krai is one of the largest regions where the velvet antler industry and processing raw materials from deer velvet antler is growing. The aim of the event is to present new technologies and trends in the velvet antler industry, the processing of raw materials from deer velvet antler and to discuss the concepts of further development of this sub-industry. The focus will be on economics and marketing, analysis of the global market for velvet antlers, market trends and price trends.

The congress will be held in August 2018.