Dear residents and visitors to Altai Krai,
The World Deer Congress is a unique cultural and professional event. It unites experts working in this field from many countries across the world.
It is significant that Altai Krai has been chosen to host this event; our region is the largest manufacturer of velvet antler products in Russia and the second largest area in the country for the number of deer farms. The development of the velvet antler industry and processing its raw materials have always been of great importance to us and a key area for agriculture and development of new technologies for the improvement of the public’s health. It is especially important now that more and more people are coming to the region in search of health, energy and longevity. Companies in Altai Krai currently produce over 360 different medicinal products, dietary supplements and cosmeceuticals. Our goal over the next few years is to diversify the product portfolio of the velvet antler industry and to find new sales markets.
I hope that the World Deer Congress will provide a platform uniting passionate people who are seeking to preserve and increase the livestock of deer kept in their natural environment for collecting antlers and other raw materials. The Government of Altai Krai will make every effort to create the best possible conditions for international cooperation based on the principles of friendship and mutual respect, for cultivating partnership relations between the representatives of business and science, and for a pleasant and comfortable stay for visitors to the region, which is renowned for its fine traditions.
I wish all participants of the event enjoyable and productive sessions.

Governor of the Altai Territory

Tomenko Viktor Petrovich

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